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Thalassarche carteri (Indian yellow-nosed albatross) (profile)

Island Group Chatham Island
Jurisdiction New Zealand
Position 44° 26' S      176° 14' W
Breeding Area Unknown
Current Population 1 in 2003
Count method: nesting pairs
Associated Taxa Thalassarche eremita (profile)       site details
Thalassarche salvini (profile)       site details

Other breeding sites for Thalassarche carteri (Indian yellow-nosed albatross)

Jurisdiction Island Group Breeding site name Distance
France Amsterdam and St Paul Amsterdam, Falaise d'Entrecasteaux 8,253 232
France Amsterdam and St Paul St Paul 8,186 231
France Crozet Ile des Apotres 8,966 211
France Crozet Ile des Pingouins 8,925 211
France Kerguelen Iles Nuageuses & Clugny, Iles Nuageuses 7,898 219
South Africa Prince Edward Islands Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island 9,348 203